The Journey Begins

Enjoying a cold frappe overlooking Oia on the Greek island of Santorini.

Welcome to my travel blog! My name is Mary and I love to travel. It is my passion and has been for most of my life! When I travel I love to sample different food, revel in the local culture, and take lots and lots of pictures. I was born into a military family and grew up moving every two to three years to a new town or country. I developed a love for the act of traveling…of boarding an airplane and sitting with anticipation until I arrived at my new destination. I loved the smells and sights of the airports through which I traveled and felt like I belonged to an exclusive club when I made my way to any international terminal. The far-away destinations listed at the various gates, the smells of the duty free shop, the exotic languages other passengers were speaking that filled my ears and the different ethinicites I would see all made for a delicious smorgasborg of the foreign that enchanted all my senses. When I was a young adult, I missed all the traveling we did as a military family, and so I left after my second year of college and became a flight attendant. My parents were not thrilled! But I had to follow my heart!

Me, as a graduate of American Airlines training class 89-09. Gotta love those bangs!

I flew for several years, but when I met my husband, I quit the airline to move to rural Louisiana and raise a family for the next 22 years. Talk about a culture shock! But throughout that time, I made sure to take my family back to places that had made a deep impression on me, so my children would have the same, rich exposure to other cultures and places as I did. Not only did I love the act of traveling, but of all the destinations I visited and explored as well! I was so enthusiastic about taking photos, my daughters told me they would agree to take 20 a day and then I was on my own. Yeah, I was a bit obnixious with the camera. But now that they are grown, they are so happy I was a pest because they have those pictures to serve as beautiful memories. And, really isn’t that what it’s all about? Making memories and exposing yourself to our vast and amazing world? Limiting ourselves to our hometowns gives us such a narrow view of our world and of other people. We start out being somewhat ethnocentric, judging other places by comparing them to ourselves or our own way of doing things. But the more we travel, the more we come to appreciate that other country’s individual ways of doing things aren’t better or worse, just simply different. In that discovery is a freeing joy. Traveling not only enables us to discover the world, but ourselves.

Making my daughters pose for another photo, this one in alpine Germany. Say cheese!

Traveling overseas is my favorite, but when I am not able to make jaunts across the sea, I head out with my camera and my appetite, and explore some iconic American cities, towns and monuments. Wherever my travels take me, I make note of various travel tips and destination highlights, taking photos along the way. Won’t you come along?